How Do New Medicines Get Approved?

Approvals from regulatory authorities like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are essential to getting medicines to patients. Have you wondered what an approval actually is? In this short animation, Rob Kowalski, our Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, provides an overview.

Signs of Heart Failure

Seven Unexpected Signs of Heart Failure

Your shoes not fitting or sleeping on a pile of pillows could mean more than you think.

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Facts About the Heart

8 Amazing Facts About Your Heart

The heart may be even more incredible than you thought.

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Head of Novartis’s Cardio-Metabolic franchise ictured here in the black shirt), sits with his family just before his brother-in-law (far right) had quadruple coronary by-pass surgery after suffering from heart fail

When Heart Failure is Personal

How one Novartis leader experienced first-hand the tragedy of heart failure and why he is motivated to educate others.

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